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Helm360 provides customer-inspired technology solutions for legal, financial, and professional services firms around the world.


Helm360 joins Elite’s Premier Delivery Partners Program which allows us to leverage our global reach and expertise in implementing Elite’s 3E cloud solution and delivering exceptional value to its customers. >> Read More

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Helm360 helps legal and professional services firms optimize their systems, data, and processes so they can concentrate on their customers, not their software. We specialize in business intelligence and data analytics solutions and are proud to provide market-leading customer service. Our commitment to clear communication, intelligent innovation, and customer-centric creativity keeps our business growing and thriving year after year.


We needed a consulting firm that had extensive knowledge of the main PMS solutions and could easily work as part of the internal Harneys project team. We found that in Helm360. This was true collaboration.

Osa Osawe, Group Finance Projects Director

Our Offerings

We make legal tech easier.

You need your tech to work at its best, always — but staying on top of all the patches, upgrades, and maintenance takes dedicated effort and expertise. Helm360’s worldwide network of legal tech and business intelligence experts collaborate with you and identify the best way to move your firm forward! We have extensive experience helping firms integrate best-of-breed technology solutions to boost their efficiency and productivity.

Elite 3E Performance Testing Services

Get a holistic look at your application, determine where improvements can be made, and create a custom solution to fit your workflow and budget.

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Application Managed Services

Let our team treat your applications like our own! We optimize, manage, monitor, and handle ongoing maintenance to eliminate any disruptions to your business.

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ProLaw Cloud Hosting Services

It's time to get your head in the cloud! We offer affordable private cloud hosting with state-of-the-art security features and 24/7 support from top ProLaw experts.

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Data Extraction & Transformation Services

Whether you are leaving a legacy system, upgrading an application, or auditing your internal systems, Helm360’s experts will handle your data with extreme care.

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QA Testing & Upgrade Preparation Services

Adopting a new application? Let Helm360 review your customizations, make needed modifications, and help train your staff on the new system.

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Reporting, Development, & Integration Services

Our global team is ready to develop and deliver anything you need, from 3E IDE workflows to BizTalk/IntApp integrations to templates or entirely bespoke solutions.

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Helm360 had the right skills and experience to help us validate our Elite 3E implementation. As well as producing a large number of detailed test cases, they were also a key advisor and helped ensure that our setup & customization decisions would lead to a smooth transition from Elite Enterprise to Elite 3E.

Steve Capon, Head of Global Finance Projects


Consulting Services

Sustainable, pain-free improvements.

From implementation support to advisory services, our team of specialist business consultants are experts in solutions like Elite 3E, Enterprise, ProLaw, and IntApp. We offer a variety of comprehensive, modular services that can be start-to-finish or single-step engagements.


QA Testing

Ensuring all your key business processes are working after an upgrade is critical. With a ready-to-go test case library and team of experts, our market-leading Elite 3E QA Testing Services offering is the most comprehensive package for firms wanting to de-risk their implementation or upgrade. Helm360 experts know exactly how to find, fix, and then re-test all of your firm’s customizations. Our unique combination of processes, assets, and knowledge will ensure that your firm has a smooth, efficient upgrade experience.


Upgrade Preparation

Our team helps you effectively and efficiently prepare your systems for upgrades. We review customizations, make needed modifications, and help train your staff on new software. We offer support both during and after your go-live date.


Reporting, Development, & Integration

Helm360 consultants work on the front lines of reporting and business intelligence. Our global team is ready to develop and deliver everything you need, from 3E IDE workflows to BizTalk/IntApp integrations to 3E Templates to entirely bespoke solutions. We partner with you and your vendors to ensure that new technology integrates well with your existing software. We also ensure all applications communicate well with each other, debug areas that perform poorly, and provide general support. If you need SSRS or Power BI reports, we have the right technology, data experience, and talent pool to bring you invaluable insights.

Meet Termi

The next generation of AI, built for this generation of lawyers.

Termi is a chatbot solution that helps attorneys attract and onboard more clients, deliver their services, and get ahead of their paperwork more quickly and easily than ever before.


My impression is that Termi could well be the missing link in driving greater technology adoption at law firms – particularly at mid-sized and larger law firms with multiple sophisticated but disparate systems. By uniting those systems through an intuitive, chat-based interface, Termi makes interfacing with those systems a no-brainer for law firm professionals – as easy as asking a question.

From Bob Ambrogi of LawNext

Powerful Information On Demand

With Termi’s simple text-based interface, activities like conflict searches, time tracking, and billing become as easy as typing. No more waiting on colleagues, wasting time in frustrating application interfaces, or accidentally missing deadlines!

Termi is a portal you can use to access data from all of your firm’s disparate applications at once, in real-time, in plain English. It can provide cross-platform reminders, alerts, and reports, enabling you to be hyper-productive and proactive in your practice. Termi even connects with applications like ProLaw, Elite 3E, Enterprise, and Aderant  right out of the box!


Select your practice management system below to learn more about Termi’s application-specific integrations:

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