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Termi gives you the power to access complex data from all of your systems at once, in real-time, using plain English.

Bill your clients, automatically add collections reminders to Outlook, report WIP, visualize key KPIs, and collaborate with your team — all through a simple and intuitive interface that makes every activity as easy as sending an email.

Superior User Experiences

Time & Costs Reduced

Supercharged Productivity

Termi was designed and developed by professionals who have years of deep experience with Elite 3E.


Harness the power of generative AI safely and reliably

Generative AI tools, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, are quickly becoming go-to business applications for conducting research, creating content, and sifting through large quantities of data. Unfortunately, these public-use systems lack a known source of truth making their results unreliable and, at times, completely fictitious. Termi’s new powered by Digital Eye functionality combines two of our next generation legal tech solutions to create a GPT-inspired data environment that gives your firm generative AI functionality with a source of truth. The result is streamlined workflows and increased productivity with peace of mind.

Digital eye data flow

Information Tailored for Each User

Out-of-the-box usability is great, but one-size-fits-all information is not. Termi makes it easy to give each different user in your firm access to exactly what they need, exactly how they need it. Attorneys and administrative staff each tap into the data most pertinent to their roles. Your management team receives oversight and big picture rights to help them maintain the firm’s overall health and make informed decisions. Adjust roles and authorizations quickly and with minimal effort as needed.

Make Business Decisions More Quickly, with Better Information

Good business decisions rely on good information. Termi allows you to make better use of your firm’s valuable data by making it easy to access. Whether you need a broad, firm-wide view or a singular level deep dive, Termi brings your data together in real-time where you can see and use it more effectively. Metrics, reports, corresponding dashboards: Termi extracts and compiles requests quickly, easily, and from any device.

Simple Setup, Easy Integration, Immediate Implementation

Termi is as quick to install and setup as it is to use. Designed to integrate with most popular legal billing software, Termi is ready to go right out of the box and can be up and running in as little as one week. From Elite 3E to Enterprise to ProLaw, incorporating Termi into your environment is a low lift. It’s also easy to learn. Your attorneys will be using it the same day it goes online.

Technology Your Attorneys Will Actually Use

We created Termi with busy, tech-averse lawyers in mind. We gave it intuitive dashboards, a plain English interface, and real-time responsiveness to ensure it enhances the attorney workflow. Termi integrates with familiar productivity products like Outlook, Teams, and Slack, which minimizes downtime and keeps your professionals efficient. Termi puts the data they need (time entry, billing, WIP, KPIs, etc.) in their hands quickly, accurately, and on-the-go. This lowers administrative costs, streamlines business processes, and, of course, keeps productivity up. The bonus? You’ll see improved client satisfaction, as well.


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 It’s not just the tool; it’s the intersection of the tool that Helm360 has created and their installed knowledge base. That’s the difference-maker. Helm360 has helped make my job easier.

Eric Oelzen, Executive Director

 It’s not just the tool; it’s the intersection of the tool that Helm360 has created and their installed knowledge base. That’s the difference-maker. Helm360 has helped make my job easier.

Eric Oelzen, Executive Director

Helm360 played a critical role in helping us obtain data we were not able to produce ourselves in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Helm360 to others needing assistance with data extraction.

Beth Allie, Accounting Manager

In working with Helm360 I know that they’re of the highest caliber in terms of both knowledge and customer care. They’ve assembled one of the best consulting teams out there.

John Mahoney, Head of Financial Systems & Analytics

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