Elite 3E Performance Testing & Upgrade Services

Are hidden issues holding your firm back from peak performance?

Minimize Doubt. Maximize ROI.

There’s more to a high-functioning Elite 3E system than regular maintenance. Performance testing is a key step beyond “routine” that can give your firm a competitive edge. We want to help you take that step.

Helm360’s Elite 3E Performance Testing & Upgrade Services give you a holistic look at your application, determine where improvements can be made, and create a custom solution to fit your workflow and your budget while maximizing ROI. Let’s get your 3E system (and your firm!) to peak performance.

Helm360 is a Thomson Reuters 3E Application Certified Partner!


What could 3E Performance Testing do for your firm? Download the summary sheet!

What's Included in 3E Performance Testing?

Infrastructure Testing

Our process thoroughly tests your database servers, application servers, load balancer, and more.

Network Health Checks

Our tools easily identify network latency issues from remote offices that could impact 3E performance.

Elite 3E Best Practices

We work with all versions of Elite 3E and can help your firm implement the best practices we've honed over time.

Functionality Testing

We make sure that your unique templates, integrations, and configurations aren't incurring hefty performance costs.

Database Tuning

Up to 50% of performance problems start in the database server! We uncover key issues in your firm's settings and thresholds.

Personalized Results

We adapt our robust testing library to account for your firm's unique business environment, customizations, and volumes.

3E Performance Optimization

The system usage patterns of each firm are unique, and a bad system configuration could leave your users dead in the water. Helm360 performs SQL Server monitoring, WAPI monitoring, performance analysis, troubleshooting, and code optimization to make sure everything is calibrated correctly, all of the time.

Learn more about how Helm360’s 3E Performance Testing services (rendered as part of an Application Managed Services package) helped one firm solve a particularly frustrating latency issue.

System Tune-Ups

Our Performance Testing expertise isn’t limited to Elite 3E! Whether you are using Elite Enterprise, ProLaw, or any other industry-leading practice/financial management system, we can audit its performance and solve key issues that may be alienating your firm’s users.

Learn more about how Helm360 helped Harneys, a large firm using Elite Enterprise, fix configuration problems that were costing their attorneys large amounts of valuable, billable time.

How else can my firm optimize Elite 3E?

Performance testing isn’t the only way to truly maximize ROI from Elite 3E. Check out Termi, the AI-enabled chatbot that Helm360 built to give attorneys easier access than ever to data in Elite 3E and any other DMS!

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