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Introducing Helm360's 3E automated testing tool

We've packaged our best-of-breed, battle tested, test script library into an application that removes the two major roadblocks preventing law firms from adequately testing their 3E application: time and 3E expertise. This next generation solution makes implementations, upgrades, mergers, and basic system validation faster, easier, and worry-free.

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Proven test case library

Access years of 3E expertise via our extensive test case library. We include scenarios applicable to firms of every size and situation ensuring your system is put through its paces now and in the future. These test cases have been battle tested at some of the biggest law firms in the world!

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Reusable reporting

Benchmark your application's weak spots and customizations to make future implementations and upgrades more efficient. The reports also completely document your core business processes, including screen shots showing the step-by-step interactions within the 3E product.

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Accelerated testing

Transform application testing from a multi-week slog into a manageable (and repeatable) to-do your internal team can complete in hours. You save time and money while easily maintaining your 3E application.

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Agile platform

Use the testing tool out-of-box or tailor it to meet your firm's needs. The user-friendly interface makes molding it to your firm's situation a low lift.

More than just a tool

Explore the benefits

Hollow circle icon No more hours spent manually tracing system breaks and errors. The automated testing tool locates issues quickly and documents them for future reference, including screen shots.

Hollow circle icon Provides a baseline of quality allowing customers to have confidence in their UAT schedule and most importantly that the UAT will not be wasted by uncovering showstopper bugs that could have been caught by automated QA.

Hollow circle icon Eliminate the worry and fear associated with major changes to your 3E system, like upgrades, implementations, customizations, mergers, etc.; you have more control over your system functioning predictably.

Hollow circle icon Increase your 3E application ROI by streamlining functional testing and change control processes.

System testing that brings peace of mind

After investing time and money into an upgrade, you want to know it works correctly! Even if initialized perfectly, many finance and practice management systems begin to experience problems over time. These problems can be due to unanticipated downstream effects of customizations, user scaling, database issues, and more.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Services dive deep into your system to verify that key business functions and customizations are fully operational.

With a battle-tested test case library and a proven methodology, Helm360’s team ensures your systems are running in peak performance. The result? A high functioning system for your business and peace of mind for you. 

We frequently perform comprehensive QA testing for Elite 3E firms. Check out this case study to learn more.

Helm360’s experts are certified to help your test the setup and configuration of any financial or practice management application, including:

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Work With QA and UAT Specialists

To learn more about the QA and UAT processes as well as when they might be appropriate for your firm, check out a few of our blog posts on this topic.

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Helm360 had the right skills and experience to help us validate our Elite 3E implementation. They helped ensure a smooth transition from Elite Enterprise to 3E.

Steve Capon, Head of Global Finance Projects


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