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Helm360's automated data discovery tool that accelerates data cleansing and makes improving your firm's data quality a manageable lift.

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Better data quality without the headache.

We know maintaining good, clean data is an ongoing pain point for law firms. We created Digital Eye to make this critical activity accessible and manageable. Equipped with our tested validation scripts, Digital Eye automates the data discovery process and accelerates data cleansing. We included interactive reporting that not only pinpoints issues and inconsistencies, but also tells IT teams exactly how to solve the problem. From preparing data sets for major projects to keeping address information up to date, Digital Eye saves time, money, and makes maintaining data quality an easy lift.

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Proven validation script library

We packaged years of data discovery expertise into Digital Eye via its validation script library. We include scenarios applicable to firms of every size and situation ensuring your data is thoroughly scanned and analyzed. These validation scripts have been battle tested at law firms in the world!

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Interactive reports

We know locating and repairing data inconsistencies and issues is hugely time consuming. Digital Eye’s interactive reports take tech teams directly to problem areas and indicate how to make the solve. No more combing through data trying to locate issues. Digital Eye brings them to you.

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Customizable queries

Although effective straight out of the box, Digital Eye’s queries and scripts can be customized to meet your firm’s specific application, needs, and goals. Our team can make the adjustments quickly and accurately ensuring you get the most out of the tool.

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Easy to install and use

Digital Eye is as easy to install as it is to use. Out-of-the-box ready, it can be loaded and functioning within a few hours. Your team can start data maintenance activities the same day.

More than just a tool

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Hollow circle icon Eliminate the time and expense associated with identifying and fixing data quality issues; Digital Eye reduces data discovery timelines from months to weeks and can be done by one person.

Hollow circle icon Keep address data up-to-date to ensure billing, collections, and client communications run smoothly and on time.

Hollow circle icon Reduce the amount of time needed for major data projects, like upgrades, migrations, and mergers.

Digital Eye™ and Our Validate-First Approach

In our experience, the number one mistake that firms make when moving data to a new system is underestimating how much of an impact data quality has on the process. Leaders spend a lot of time focusing on the extraction step, but not enough time on what happens next. Often, the effort that goes into data cleansing and integrity checks is underestimated by up to 50%!

To ensure our customers are confident that their new system is populated with high-quality, properly-formatted data, Helm360 follows a “validate-first” approach.









Unlike many of our competitors, Helm360’s validation process happens before data is loaded into the destination system.

Our intelligent discovery process uses Digital Eye™, an automated library of queries that enables us to identify issues with source data quickly and consistently so that we can discuss the best way to clean it with your team. This automated staging validation processes look for data anomalies and integrity issues, producing a validation report to confirm that data has been transformed and system business roles applied correctly.

Digital Eye™ also gives customers the tools to explore their data visually (no code needed!) while it’s still in the staging area, allowing them to slice and dice it and make important formatting decisions before it moves to the final production system.

Helm360’s best-of-breed data validation tools are designed to create efficiencies that translate into less time spent on migration and more money left in your pocket.

Helm360’s data experts are certified to help your firm extract and migrate data from or to any financial management application, including:

Work With Data Conversion Specialists

Helm360 has deep expertise in both the legal and technology sectors. Our established processes, Digital Eye™ technology, and detailed knowledge of many popular system architectures enable us to perform data extraction and conversion work more thoroughly and quickly than in-house IT teams.

By working with Helm360, your firm mitigates the risk of bringing bad data into an expensive new system or having to redo large chunks of migration code that were mistakenly left incomplete.


Leverage H360’s Digital Eye™ health check and data integrity script library to identify issues early and avoid costly rework in any extraction, conversion, migration, or merger.


Use our discovery report recommendations to guide your cleansing approach prior to conversion, or leverage our experienced consultants to assist.


Our experienced financial consultants can help ensure you balance your systems to ensure a smooth transition, no matter where your data is going.

Migrate Your Firm's Data with Confidence

Whether you are transitioning away from a legacy system, considering a much-needed application upgrade, or simply performing an audit of your internal data, Helm360’s experts will handle your data with care and confidence.

We help legal and professional services firms with data extraction and conversion projects from start to finish. By combining best-of-breed technology solutions with our proprietary Digital Eye™ technology, deep industry expertise, and best practices, our team delivers data services with extremely high fidelity at more cost-effective rates than most other vendors in the market.

We recently performed a large data migration project for Harneys! Check out the case study to learn more.

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We needed a consulting firm that had extensive knowledge of the main PMS solutions and could easily work as part of the internal Harneys project team. We found that in Helm360. This was true collaboration.

Osa Osawe, Group Finance Projects Director


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