Case Study

Optimizing Elite 3E via Application Managed Services

Our customer was an AM Law 200 firm that provides legal services throughout the United States. They represent hundreds of businesses, large and small, in addition to select individuals. As a large and prominent firm with many attorneys working remotely due to COVID-19, the client needed its applications to function smoothly at all times. Any performance issues or downtime had the potential to cause serious disruption to the business.

After a successful Elite 3E migration, the customer started experiencing poor and intermittent performance issues with Elite 3E and Paperless Proforma. With a small in-house IT function, the customer had limited knowledge of the 3E application stack and how to further troubleshoot the root cause. Was it their infrastructure? A software bug? A customization issue?

The customer was frequently having to restart the web application, particularly during their month-end billing cycle, when 3E was under considerable load. They hired Helm360 to bring stability to a system that was fast losing the confidence of the law firm’s senior staff.



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Date: May 5, 2018

Service: Managed Services